How can I help open my third eye?

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I want to learn how to open my third eye but I’m not sure exactly how to do so. I looked this up in books but haven’t found anything that can really help. So if you can answer this thanks so much.


You have to find the right answer for yourself, sometimes taking other persons advice can prevent you from accessing your 3rd eye.

Sorry, if that is vague I can only tell you from personal experience. In regards to myself, I did not read books or have people show me… I simply was born with it. I did not know until later that most people did not have access such as myself. It was simply something that was part of my usual such as breathing. Not tell later others talking about it did I realize…

Later when others, fakes, tried to tell me how to access it, I temporarily lost it… such as the experience, when having an ability and untalented persons trying to tell you how to perfect that ability.

Once, I realized that I had the gift and did not search for others advice in how to further it… and had faith in myself and my abilities… it came flying back in a rage…

Personally I have found most persons have it, at least up to the second year of life when they tend to lose it due to the interference of others… I was lucky, persons didn’t try to interfere until I was 18, which is when I started to lose it temporarily…

So, on this I can only advise that it will come to you…

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