3/4 of my entended and immediate family live in Florida and so to see them I have taken Southwest Air. March of 05, we had wind sheer, with gusts in excess of 65 mph. About and hour into the flight from Orlando to MacArthur Airport on Long Island NY we experienced what started as severe turbulence, went to total lift characteristic failure and a plunge of say 5-10k before the pilot was able to recover, had to touch-and-go landing and taking off again (because of the severe sheer-crosswind he has to come in faster than normal to maintain lift). At this point the pilot says we dont have enough gas to try landing anywhere else so he is forced to try and land here. He did and let me just say:
1) A school teacher told her rowdy kids to bow their heads and pray when the plane was plunging. You could have heard a pin drop if not for the noise of the engines.
2) The pilot couldnt look the passengers in the eye when exiting the aircraft.

A near death experience. How do I overcome?