My parents are Chinese, and have moved to Australia. The way they were brought up led them to believe in spiritual things and to lie in business deals, etc. We ae now a Christian family, but although I have explained to them that they should stop, it doesn’t work! What can I do?

I’m not that old either, only 11.
Please don’t say that I should lead by example, they just say that sometimes you have to lie, and the spiritual aspect- can Christians believe in that stuff? They’re not letting it take over their lives or anything- it’s a question in itself.

Also, the lying- sometimes it’s essential is it? I don’t know how to explain there. And by spiritual I mean Feng Shui, Chi (or Qi) etc. sort of like, well, energy.

I just don’t want them, or in reality anyone, to burn eternally in hell. If you have time, also let me know how to spread God’s word effectively without getting shot because that’s what I want as an occupation.


BTW, I have asked this before.