First thing I want to say, if you want to criticize me, be judgmental or take the piss then don’t bother answering because I will report you! Why wouldn’t they take it seriously if there was a category about it?

This week I have been having ‘flashes’ (so to speak) of something that will happen a few second before it does, I also have strong feelings about things or decisions about things that will happen, not major things though.

My question is, how can I control it, how can I get stronger predictions about things hours, days, weeks, months even years before it happens?

I have been mentored a bit about what it means to be claryvoiance but I’m not picking up on those things yet, I believe that I am clairsentient, I have also been told that I have this ability but recently I have been becoming clairaudience, I practiced a bit before and have heard things, it’s not like I hear voices that I can’t control, I only hear them when I really concentrate, like before I fall asleep, when i’m in my bed, sometimes I look for answers and they aren’t always what I want to hear.

I was once obsessed with a guy, but a lot of psychics i got in touch with told me not to get involved with him, one even told me it was because it would mess with my psychic development – I was angry about this, why couldn’t my guides allow me to follow my heart? It was something I wanted more than anything, but I was also fearful of what his reaction or the ultimate outcome would be so I kept away, against my own will, I have been getting more and more over him and the more I do the more sensitive I am becoming to spirituality, but then again the more questions I have.

I know I have an ego about it now, I know it doesn’t work in your favor if I get excited or take too much pride about it because it only works when I don’t care or notice.

I am even sensing the number 3 which probably means that I will get detailed answer which I am satisfied with withing 3 days, i am only guessing, so please don’t hold back until three days to give me an answer because then i will just know.
I have also been drawn to crystals or natural rocks fromthe beach before I even knew why, I have had many unexplainable happenings, I am totally interested in dream interpretation.

The most significant thing abot my belief is that i used to visualide auras around people that I cared about in order to protect them before I even knew what it was or what I was doing!
Desiree, I also have those predictions about wich sipson episode will be on next, but I noticed that it was probably only because they are ususally re-runs that get shown the same day and time every year!
Neutron Solstice, did I ever mention that I believe in aliens? To me, they are in no way associated with spirituality!
And matt, while I was typin this question (obviously taking my time) I was thinking about psychics that I know of who help the police to solve crimes!

Thank you R J for sticking up for me!