How can Christians believe that Jesus was real?


How can possibly a man walk on water and revive people from the dead like some kinda movie shaman (Unless he’s Criss Angel or David Blaine)? A door to door Christian guy came to my house yesterday and was badgering me until I asked him this and he got a bit stumped by it so I wanted to give you Christian folks a second chance on Yahoo Answers.


Just by faith. If God did indeed create the universe (including all the laws of physics) then it is a small matter for God to temporarily suspend those laws for the sake of demonstrating to people that he is real.

When any prophet seriously re-interpreted the laws or gave new laws there were always miracles involved. Moses Parted the red sea, Elijah multiplied food, Jesus walked on water. No big deal for an almighty God.

Belief in miracles is not difficult if you believe in God.

Now I’ll ask you a question.

How did the universe suddenly appear with no intelligent creative force behind it? We know from thermodynamics that a system left to its own devices will tend towards disorder not towards order. How do you explain that there is order in the universe?

How about this one? If gravity is an inexorable force (even if very weak it works over an infinite distance and slowly and steadily pulls everything towards it F=( Gm1m2)/r^2) how is it that the universe is not only expanding but that the rate of expansion is accelerating?

Just because someone can’t give you the answer doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer out there. Even if nobody knows the answer doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer waiting to be discovered, and being able to ask questions other people can’t answer doesn’t make your beliefs any more or less valid.

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