I think that I have had more than one spiritual awakening. This time, however, I am “remembering” how I was at various times in my life. The last time that I felt, really fully awake was about a year ago.

My father died last year and I felt truly awake, spiritually, and completely alive in my body. After he passed away, I obligated myself to my family and responsibilities that, on hindsight, lead me to becoming less awake and, in a few instances, really asleep at the wheel.

Now every day I am feeling more awake and aware. I am almost embarrassed because I do not know how this happened. Has anyone else out there experienced anything like this? Have you ever had to remind yourself, or have had reminders or who you really are?
Thanks for the condolences everyone! Death of the physical body is a part of life. My father passed away over a year ago now but today I am beginning to realize that I never had the opportunity to truly mourn my loss.