Think about it…. When ever we have a bit of spiritual growth or enlightenment why are we compelled to share it or teach others?

Is it ego?

Is it sharing love?

Do we seek to be justified in what we see?

Are we unsure and want to see who else sees what we see?

Do we want to be seen as an anointed one?

Can we be enlightened and only wait for someone to ask us?

If we hold truth it should be self evident in the way we present to others, either by the glow or either the light of divine love shining through.

Understand there is no judgment here for in reality the answer has two poles of understanding.

One pole is to know the nature of things. God is and will always be divine love and nothing can separate us from that so why try to convince anyone of a certain path as all is divine love guiding all of us. Why would we ever doubt that our brother is not rightly led or that God has abandoned him? He has in fact never abandoned me.
The other pole is when we see suffering we wish to show our brothers a way out of their burning. But who are we to assume we know what is best for them? For out of great darkness great light is revealed. Much is purified with burning.

Sort of a conundrum isn’t it?

Factor in how much of our attempting to help is our ego seeking gratification and well … this should be a cause of great introspection…

Blessings and peace to all,
All in all,