by Pleiades:

I’ve visited a few, I’m generally more interested in healing, and psychic/channeling, etc. but picked up Cunningham’s book and found a surprising flood of energy (esp. addressing elements/directions, standing in the kitchen using a paring knife as a stand in). Started looking into local groups…haven’t found anything like I’d imagined a practicing group to be, mostly interested in “playing witch”, or recreating “ancient” ceremonies, trying to be practitioners of past times and different locals…(I’m critical, but practical). Have you ever belonged to a working group that really wanted to develop energy and community? And avoided the silliness that can come with some of the shallower writings? Am I being unrealistic?

Answer by a_delphic_oracle
I have been disappointed every time I check a group out. Silliness is the name of the game. My spirit guide informed me to go it alone. If I need guidance of some sort from someone I’ll encounter them.