Over the past year, my mother died (which she wasn’t ready to do) from dementa at only 65 yrs old, and my best friend since pre-k also killed himself cuz he also lost a parent and was depressed.

This has happened lots of times over the past several months – I would be asleep, my mind would wake up but my body can’t move and all I hear is like someone trying to whisper something to me but I can’t make it out.

The most recent incident happened two nights ago. I was alone, my girl was at work, nobody else was in the house. 6-7am in the morning, I was sleeping on my right side, my mind woke up but my eyes were still shut and I couldn’t move, and somebody kept trying to whisper/tell me something. After a moment, I eventually broke out of the paralysis and woke up. I never saw anything.

Do you think my best friend or my mom is trying to tell me something?
I find it totally bizarre how I posted this question in the Religion & Spirituality section but yet everyone who replies to this has an answer that contradicts religion and spirituality, stating there’s no such thing. Now, are there any people here who are not atheists or anything of that sort who have an answer to this?

If you believe in God/Religion/Spirituality, then you believe in ghosts too. Sorry, but they are part of that whole ordeal. And I know for a fact that there was someone whispering in my ear, I know what is and isn’t a whisper, it was not my ears playing tricks on me, that’s the dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard.