Just looking for new ways. I do Kundalini Yoga (taking class) and belly dancing (on my own). I’m thinking about taking ballroom dance lessons since I like it so much. But, I always like to learn new things. So, how do you stay fit?

Grow up, HHH. It will do you so much good. 😉
No, PC. I am aware of how lucky I am. I’ve seen other women my age who are much heavier or have cellulite or other issues that bother them. I am just a very anxious type. I also smoke and I’d like to quit. I just want to have a really good plan to stay busy so I once I quit I don’t go back.
(But HHH, because I know you miss me, I added two new pics to my profile. You are welcomed to look at them to see how fat I got. They were taken at the end of March.)
Thanks to all. Lots of new ideas. Yes, I would like Salsa and Zumba. 😉 Sex goes without sayin’. C’mon. 😉