GANG STALKING…Have you ever been gang stalked?


There are different forms of it..when someone wants to rid you out of a job, a relationship, or just run you off because you don’t believe the same way they do, they can be vicious..nasty,..determined, and ruthless…it happened to me, but now, with the help of these websites,…they just don’t know who is stalking THEM for proof…have you had any experience with this kind of gang stalking?
The idea, is from the government…but it has moved on now, to homosexual groups, and women…that want to run you out of town..Minority groups do it now, has ‘crossed over’…I have not had the government do this to me, this is from a group of very nasty, low lifes..and no, I didn’t and don’t deserve it. This is evil at it’s best…how could you even defend this kind of action?


well, i had been gang-stalked; that too in Paris near Eifel Tower about 5-6 yrs ago (4-5 pm)
but it was almost physical;
when i was planning to “climb thru lift”; a nice looking couple approached me (male -35);
then it started with a warm Hand-shake; few nice friendly-expressions.
when i wanted to say bye;
he (~40)won’t let me go…….(i found his grip Steel-solid)
he was accompanied by a female (~35-40), she smiled quite “meaningfully” – (let’s have some fun- kind of gesture)
there were few more “slowly” moving in from “no-where”;

i guessed that i was in a “trap”!

suddenly, some strength “surged” in me; i shook him off; with strong gesture of “determined fighter”
he was 6’+ ( 90+kg) ; and me 5′ 7″ ( mere 58 kg)!!!

that’s how – i saved myself!
( i believe; i saved my kidneys at least if not LIFE);

this can be REPEATED in soft internet-form as well;

so, sense it early; muster full strength and break-off;

is my suggesstion, since at the site & time of “stalking” there is no “Govt.”;
it is “you alone” and “gang-of-Stalkers”……

with best wishes

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