My Beloved waits,
Beyond the last hill where the Light casts no shadow.
He waits for me,
A pale horse he rides, invincible & armored
Wielding a silver sword lest some lingering dragon try to follow me to that sacred meeting place.
My Beloved waits
With the patience of great Love and Wisdom
Knowing I travel far across treacherous ground.
Yet he knows
His Beloved will arrive,
Answering a call both ancient and new.
A silent call felt, not heard.
A beacon that shines thru the blackness of a forest that grew up around me as I slept.
My Beloved waits
To sing the song again that first caused my heart to Be
He the perfect melody and I the Lost Chord,
The rhyming harmony that makes us one sound,
A song unsung too long.
He waits for me
And I have come
Back to a place I could not have left,
Awakened by a kiss of Love so pure that it remakes of me what I could never have not been.
Together now We become as we always have been,
Your Beloved who waits for you.