Former IPCC head John Houghton says current environmental crisis is a spiritual problem – agree?


Sir John Houghton, in a paper written for his evangelical charity, the John Ray Initiative, argues that the “current environmental crisis” is a “spiritual problem”.

Houghton argues that “we are the stewards of creation” and as such [QUOTE]

“we are to look after the Earth, not as we please, but as God wants it looked after. Second, we have responsibility to the rest of creation as ones who stand in the place of God.

. . . the Genesis chapters, as do other parts of scripture, insist that human rule over creation is to be exercised under God, the ultimate ruler of creation, with the sort of care exemplified by this picture of humans as ‘gardeners’.”

Do you agree with this analysis by the lead author of the first three IPCC reports that we are “gardeners” of God’s creation, that God is the “ultimate ruler of creation” and that the current environmental crisis is therefore primarily a spiritual problem?

Source:SIr John Houghton, “The Christian Challenge of Caring for Earth”


He seems to me to be just leftist secularists trying to convince Christians who he probably has no respect for anyway. I have never been too interested listening to proselytizers, be they atheist or otherwise, because they tend to people who think they know more than they actually do. The left has been doing this since at least Woodrow Wilson. Wilson enacted his progressivism in the guise of doing God’s work. I forgot who famously called Christ a socialist.

Almost nobody thinks we should not be good stewards of the earth. Suggesting that we should have massive taxation and having all “giving” go through the federal government bureaucracy is somehow God’s plan is ridiculous. The truth is probably closer to them worshiping government as a replacement for religion.

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