When I talk to my guy, through MSN messenger even if he is 15 hrs away, I feel alot of warm energy in his speech to me. It’s like a warm, soothing energy of love.

I don’t talk to him often though, it’s been once in a month already. I’d just like to know how you’d interpret that – is it love from his heart chakra?

Sometimes I talk to other guys but there’s no warm enveloping feeling like this. Does it really mean he loves me? It gets me wondering if it’s part of his persoanlity, as in, everyone he talks to will feel it.
Maybe, but i feel the energy in his speech.. it doesnt come from me…
mad cat he is my boyfriend
treats, I think you know what you’re talking about. He has this very raw, warm energy – It could have made me cry.. it feels painful.
However I am unsure about interpreting this energy – what you said rings something in me.