This has happened twice.

I start by meditating, drifting off, trying to concentrating on relaxing my mind and body. I then proceed to raise my vibration through a chakra exercise to reach a ‘trance-like’ state to contact my Spirit Guide in my psychic room.

The first time I felt like something or someone was strocking my hand…like with the fingers strocking in circles and up and down. It also felt like my hand was being forced to open more. It stopped for a few minutes and then it started again. It lasted for a while and I didn’t notice almost a whole hour had passed. The second time it happened but while I was working through my chakras before even reaching that ‘trance-like’ state to enter my room but didn’t last as long. This time, though, it felt as if the energy of my hand was being pulled, like that part wanted to float. I don’t know how to describe it!

I also felt pressure on certain parts of my face, torse, thighs, and feet but not as what I felt in my left hand.

Could this be Spirit touching my hand? Anybody has an insight? Or, have a similar experience?

Please help…I’m intrigued!

And, don’t waste my time and our yours bashing psychic phenomena. Spend your precious energy somewhere else…Thanks