Okay, im on wow at the moment, and im currently a level 19 undead warlock.

Ive got quite a way till i get too level 20 yet, and im sure its level 20 that you can get the quest too summon the succubus but i should be at lvl 20 by the end of tommorow?

Basicly i wanna know a few things.. first of all can a warlock get a succubus? Coz i read somewere its only an orc, blood elve and something else.

Second, what is the quest you have to do? I know there are a few but could you please be paccific and tell me there names. Ive been looking at other questions on here like mine, and alot of people say things like check these websites.. well as helpfull as they are they dont always supply the right answers so if you have a succubus could you just give me the correct quest?

Lastly, incase it matters, my realm is healscream and i started out and deathknell.. moved on too brill then undercity, then silverpine now at durator. ( Thats just incase its differnt for differnt places)Many thanks
Thank you both for your answer. However i have a question that ill direct to captain irvine because he seems to know a little bit more, i was just wondering if you know the names of the npc’s that give you these quests?

Many thanks!