This is kind of a 2 part question. I heard on tv that fake plants and flowers are bad fend shui in a home. Anyone know if this is true? My mom has fake plants, trees, flowers all over her house and its the house I grew up in and I never was really comfortable there. I dont really consider it my childhood “home”, that title goes to house i lived in when i was even younger. Of course there could be a million reasons for why I would feel that way, feng shui might have nothing to do with it but I wonder. Anyone out there know anything about feng shui? i also had some issues as a kid/teenager that started after we moved into my moms house (age 8 and over). again-could be for any reason but could “bad” feng shui have anything to do with it? okay for all you “feng shui is crap” folks out there, I understand your position but I happen to think theres something to it so if you dont have anything constructive to add please keep your opinions to yourself. thanks to all.