I have seen 44 episodes of Shippuuden and it has not gone really violent up until now. I’m watching the Uncut version but it is not as violent as I thought. I thought that the blood would be all over the place.

And also: Does naruto ever kills someone. I want him to be a serious Avenger (not like Sasuke)
I want Naruto to kick some Akatsuki But and Orochimarus (and I actually also want to see Sasuke beg Naruto not to kill him. Just a little bit. I really hopes that Naruto gets acknowledged FOR REAL ) . I want to see him cut their throat and take out their heart with his chakra-burning hand.

does anything like that really happens.

ps: plzz don’t but SPOILERS in your answers. I am still watching the show and i want to keep it exciting. Just wanted to hear if it gets so ugly that my little brother souldn’t see it

thx 😀