Does Karma really exist or is it a myth?


I always thought it was just something to say. I hear people say it exists but I wonder if it’s just something people believe in to make them feel better about a certain situation. My ex cheated on me for 1 year of the 2 years we were together, lied about it, used a silly disagreement we had about cigars as her way out, then gets engaged to the guy not even two weeks after that argument. She left the state, job, kid, family everything to go “clear her head” when she was really leaving to build her life with him.

My friends say she will def get it back and probably double for walking out of her kid’s life (kid’s dad has always had custody anyway). But it’s been a year, actually longer than that. She’s happy, planning her wedding, planning her life with him just like I was planning my life with her when I was with her. My friends are adamant she’ll get it back, but I believe they’re just trying to lessen the blow for me. I don’t believe she will get it back. Anybody ever experience Karma before or has seen it come full circle? I’ve also heard some people say they’ve seen people get away with the things they do…so does it skip certain people or something?


absolutely believe in karma and it’s not always going to be in the same form that they did to others. A lot of times it takes time probably longer than a year and remember, you are not in the thick of things appearances are decieving, she may LOOK happy and having a great life but she may not actually BE happy, there’s a difference. But you know when karma hits the worst? when the person that was hurt in a situation has totally and completely moved on. When they can’t go back to that person and plead their case crying and gain sympathy, that’s when it really hits them. Doesn’t sound like you’ve gotten to that point yet.

Just to make a long story short…
I was involved in a sort of love triangle thing and I knew I should have picked the new guy in my life instead of my ex who wanted me back, I picked my ex. I didn’t think I was hurting the new guy a whole lot but apparently I broke the poor guys heart, fast forward to about 3 years later my ex and i broke up for good, he’s (the guy I should have been with) got an amazing girlfriend who he’s over the moon and very happy with (and I’m happy for him) and I’m crushing over a guy that just got out of a long-term relationship not too long ago. And lately he (the one I’m crushing on) hasn’t been too nice to me…I think karma is biting me in the a*s right now

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