We usually assume human consciousness either arose spontaneously from matter or was created along with the world by some higher power, but what if consciousness came ‘first’ as an expression of what we call Divinity, and everything (the entire universe) is arising within that consciousness as the expression of Consciousness?

This would mean that perception and creation are the same; ongoing in the present moment, but that there are not really objective physical things being created outside of consciousness. Rather, the entire human experience is created subjectively within Consciousness as a kind of dreamscape.
There is a level at which each individual consciousness is united as one singular Consciousness. The world of experience forms within this Consciousness and is experienced from innumerable individual perspectives, each one being the experience of an individual human.
That which exists is Consciousness itself, or the Awareness in which Consciousness arises.

Well, I didn’t mean to separate out any levels of consciousness. I meant to say all individual minds originate in the one Consciousness and are inseparable from it.

However, if it seems like I’m offering more detail than necessary, it’s an attempt to be a little clear for those who may not be familiar.