I started doing a Chakra meditation 3 days ago and 2 things happened, I became so relaxed I melted into sleep and I have had extremely vivid, sharp dreams. It was working so wonderfully that I have done it 3 nights in a row.
I have an especially easy time visualizing the “root chakra”, “heart chakra” & “third eye” being cleansed and glowing their color. I thought this was positive until tonight I was reading a story to my girls in bed and I distinctly heard a man saying something to me right outside the door. It was accompanied by a shocky static electricity feeling that crawled up my neck. I was so surprised that I screamed a little. I truly thought that my husband had come home from work early but he wasn’t home. Now I wonder if it was all in my head because my girls said they didn’t hear their daddy and they aren’t afraid of their room tonight. When I was little I was sensitive, as I got older I drowned it out with drinking, now I am clean 4 yrs but it has been basically non eventful. Am I inviting bad things by doing this chakra meditation? Am I putting myself or children in danger?Please let me know.