Does anyone know any good ways to calm down? perhaps meditation?

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i worry about things to the extreme. i have GCSEs coming up, and i know i’m going to panic and fall further into my depression. does anyone know any ways i can calm down and reduce my anxiety? could anyone tell me about meditation and how to do it? or any breathing exercises? or anything else that will help?

thanks in advance.
sorry but i don’t believe in God, so prayer won’t work for me.
so what kind of things would i do for yoga? any good sites?


Im a buddhist and i have used meditation to find inner peace and harmony in bad times. It really helped me even in dealing with a terrible relationship i had!
Meditation is not really that hard but remember at first it will seem difficult. But you have to keep on trying and when you finally get the knick of it wow! it feels amazing!!
Go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and sit down cross legged and keep your hands one on the other on your lap and close your eyes.
There are severel meditations and i’ll tell you about meththa and anapanasathi (i know these words are weired but dont worry)I’ll tell you how to do the latter one which i love first. It all means that you are concentrating on one thing and forgetting all other stuff. After you close your eyes try to clear your mind of everything. Stop thinking about stuff and try to empty your mind. Then in anapanasathi what you have to do is try and listen to yourself breathing. Think only about that and when you feel yourself inhaling think im now inhaling and as you exhale think im now exhaling. When you are taking a deep breath think that im now taking a deep breath. like that be conscious of your breathing and think only about that. If your thoughts run to something else always start again. When you can really concentrate on your breathing you’ll feel the air passing through your nostrills in and out. Then slowly imagine looking at it. And you’ll feel much much better as you progress.
Meththa meditation – after you close your eyes think first of all that may no harm befall you, may you be happy, may you be healthy and sucessful and so on. Then think of your family and think that may no harm befall them etc , then think abt ur friends, then enemies and then animals, birds and all living beings. Think only abt these thoughts and concentrate.
We buddhists believe that if you really concentrate and meditate a lot your mind will be strong and developed gradually and you can fall into the path to attain nirvana that is the supreme mental bliss one can attain..where there would be no pain, suffering, nor joy or lustful thoughts; only contentment. May you find inner peace and contentment!

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