If you don’t believe in chakras don’t even bother reading this and I don’t want to hear your opinions on how you think it’s fake.
Anyways I’ve taken about aderrall about four times and it works wonders for me. I feel focus, confident, energized, my head is clear and relaxed, it’s easier for me to speak to people, socialize, have fun, complete tasks, make decisions, and in general it just makes me happier because I feel like myself when I’m on it!
I don’t want to get an aderrall perscription though, I’d rather meditate, do yoga, learn more about Vedanta and become naturally my happier self. I took a chakra quiz and it said I had an underactive root and navel chakra and an over active crown and third eye so do you think aderrall has been giving me the feeling of these energies being balanced?
This question is for people who actually know what chakras are haha
How is that stupid? I’m just asking for some insight, not to be called a rambling idiot. Makes sense to me.