Do you think this is true?


If you are on the spiritual path, then what you will get is what you *need* to grow spiritually, not necessarily what you want.

By someone on the spiritual path I mean someone who puts God (or the desire for transcendence, as in e.g. Buddhism) at the centre of his/life, rather than being ego-centred.
To Danbig: what do I mean to grow spiritually? To get a greater sense of purity, harmony, a capacity for love and kindness, stuff like that. To become less materialistic and ego-centred. To tread more lightly on the earth. To get a greater sense of oneself as part of the whole, rather than an isolated, self-centred individual.

If you don’t understand that, then that’s OK 🙂

Personally I don’t believe any spiritual tradition has a monopoly on spiritual growth.

I also think there are some “atheists” who are inherently more advanced spiritually than the most strident “spiritually minded” people.

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