Can you imagine seeing through new eyes, just like a baby coming into this world. You see the good, bad and ugly. This happened to me. Some may call this a “spiritual awakening” or the third eye opening. You can’t force it, it just happens when you least expect it.
I do not care from what religion you come from. This can happen to anyone.
What astounds me is some of you say you have to be a christian to be born again. To understand the word “christian” which means “christ-like”, this would help others understand to be born again, one must become christ-like, buddha-like, mother theresa-like, ghandi-like and many others. Anyone can surrender themselves to God, because we all are God’s children.
When someone hears “born again christian” they do not understand yet. This runs people away because of the narrow minded religious authoritarians setting man-made bounds.

I had to leave the Church to find God!
You understand.
Thank you Downwind! Beautifully spoken.