Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

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What are the sensations & symptoms that occur when one has their third eye opening?
Have you experienced it yourself or is your understanding theoretical?
Thanks for answering!
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The third eye begins to open when Kundalini begins to rise activating all the Chakras, each Chakra can be said to be a state of being in which cosmic consciousness experiences itself. If all 7 are not open and in tune with ALL the others meeting at the heart or 4th Chakra so that Cosmic Consciousness can express itself in the world the third eye is not completely opened. The symptom is a deep compassion for all living things including oneself because the connection with them is known, this can and does express itself sometimes as great sadness and great happiness as the sensations. This comes from my own experience, more could be said but the experience far overrides what words can say. ~Blessings~

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