Do you know the symptoms of the third eye opening?

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What are the sensations & symptoms that occur when one has their third eye opening?
Have you experienced it yourself or is your understanding theoretical?
Thanks for answering!
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We really have some delusional people sometimes on Q&A. Bless them, but I find it hard to believe they know how much real harm they are doing to themselves and others who take them seriously. Of the 54 yrs. I have been meditating I’ve had the good fortune to have been under the guidance of two masters. Twenty four yrs. doing kundalini yoga and fifteen yrs. building the Antakarana and have not yet created the lens. To answer your question before I completely boor you, I have established inner vision of both the astral and etheric planes needed to build the Antakarana. At rare times I experience a 360* vision around as though there is no body yet maintaining a sense of the inner life of the body. At other times I able to see down through other people (where they are coming from) as when looking through a 7 page plastic blueprint of the floors of a building. I’ve done astral travel for a number of years and entered others dreams. I see into others past lives when they are cooperative. I am under new guidance now with strict disciplines. He is telling me I will soon see in the Akashic field. (Copy of my earlier answer)
Causal matter is formless but has qualities. By infusing these qualities in ourselves (meditation techniques, serving mankind, certain rhythms of breath) we can attract the Atma — Buddhi — Manas into the aura. The Antakarana has to be built out of the atomic essence of these planes.
It is easier to say what the third eye is not. It is not an etheric charka though it is related to the Brow, Head, and Alta Major. Each charka is a battery and all three have to be charge and present. The third eye is not an endocrine gland though it is associated with both the Pineal Gland and the Pitutuitary Gland. It is an organ that emerges with the spiritual growth of the integrated personality. It results from the interplay, radioactivity and overlapping of the three centers just mentioned. The interplay of the three head centers produces a vortex of energy which, in turn becomes the focal point for the energies of Atma Buddhi and Manas at the center of the forehead. Imagine three magnets placed at the apexes of a triangle with their magnetic force fields circulating and overlapping each field within the triangle. At the center of the triangle where the three magnetic force fields cross is the third eye. It is the eye of Horus, of Egyptian mysticism; it is the straight poised snake of the Caduceus; it is the horn of the Unicorn; it is the biblical eye of “if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light”. It is an organ of inner vision of which it has been said: “Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity”. WARNING do not play with this unless you have guidance! No pain at the forehead or ringing of bells. Only visional colors are seen from the chakras in the etheric rainbow body.
Clue: Light embraces, Kundalini, consciousness and conscious awareness throughout the one note “OM” energy of existence.

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