Do you believe that Zen Meditation can change somebody and make it a better person?

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I read in several books (Zen books) that Zen Meditation can change you in a better way , that things who were not happening to you in the past start coming out of the sun the good luck comes. Basically your life gets better. I read in some yoga and Zen books that the one who meditate deeply several hours per day can even reach a level kindness close to sainthood.
I don’t remember that yogi name but he became also like a God and was able to do miracles etc.. So how far can all that meditation leads us?? Thanks for your time.


meditation is the path that all those who seek to
evolve beyond east enders and the soap world take
so give it a go may be it is not for you
you may be a bakti and the path of love fits your path
better and yoga is another path you are the decieding
point so try one and see which suits you

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