Do you believe that Zen Meditation can change somebody and make it a better person?

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I read in several books (Zen books) that Zen Meditation can change you in a better way , that things who were not happening to you in the past start coming out of the sun the good luck comes. Basically your life gets better. I read in some yoga and Zen books that the one who meditate deeply several hours per day can even reach a level kindness close to sainthood.
I don’t remember that yogi name but he became also like a God and was able to do miracles etc.. So how far can all that meditation leads us?? Thanks for your time.


roland! every path leads towards SELF REALIZATION -divinized life…higher consciousness , provided u r well aware that which path is suitable for u. i mean path depends on ur past accummulation of some particular spiritual practices. so u need a spiritual master to guide u according to ur inner potentiality..why donot u try SELF AWARENESS MEDITATION…it is very simple u can start just on focussing ur in-coming/ out- going breath..gradually u will find ur mind calm, quiet, well composed..just try every day for 15- minutes and experience the changes. u can write me;

swami maa

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