Do you believe in psychic reading and medium to connect me with my boyfriend who passed away?

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I lost my boyfriend to suicide a little over two months ago. I am so heart broken. and I went as far as having a psychic reading and I was blown away.
First, it was psychic reading over the phone. Without me saying anything, he told me my boyfriend passed because “tightening around the neck” I didn’t even mention he was passed by suicide!!!
and he provided me with information only I would have known.
I am so blown away. I am just wondering do you think I get a good reading? do you believe in this kind of stuff.
Please do not tell me I opened door to satan. At this point, I really don’t care. I miss my boyfriend so much will try everything to connect with him again.
What do you think? Do you believe in this stuff?


Honey, my heart goes out to you right now. You are hurting and it’s evident. Personally I would never tell you that you have opened a door to Satan. However, my fear is that you are becoming a convenient target for all the charlatans out there who are looking to make some money off your grief. Now is the time to feel your grief and work it through. I know you are looking for answers about why your BF did what he did, and it sounds like you are seeking reassurance from your BF. In my opinion, going to a psychic is not the answer. It’s actually a way to set yourself up to be exploited. For every person who might be a REAL medium, there are probably 50 more who will tell you they are, but they aren’t. You are hurting enough without setting yourself up to be exploited.

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