I beleive in a higher power (but do not beleive that humans have the ability or knowledge to know much about this power) but I do not have a religion- I observe life and nature, take what I see, and apply it to my life:
I beleive in a balance of forces and energy- both positive (life, order, light, etc) and negative (death, chaos, darkness, etc). I beleive that one cannot exist with the other in a (realistic) world, and that both are in everyone and all aspects of nature.

These do not represent “evil” or “good”. Though those words seem to be good for explaining somethings, they seem to be a human-made concept.

I also beleive that using, or at least embracing, both energies in one’s daily life is beneficial. I beleive that condemning or pushing away one side is pushing away apart of one’s self. For me, embracing myself and improving myself is one of the most important things in life. To ignore or condemn one side of life seems like the wrong thing to do.

However, it seems like a lot of people (religious or not) beleive that the “negative” aspects of life are not needed, or are what they consider “evil”. Or, they only focus on the positive.

Do you beleive in this balance? Or, do you beleive focusing on negative energies (to any extent) has no benefit?
What about this concept makes you beleive the way you do?
p1sheila- Yikes! I did spell “believe” wrong! I apologize for that.

But I find it a bit funny that you took the time to look at my post, find what was wrong, see how many times I made the mistake, and you didn’t even answer my fairly simple question!