After reading some questions on here, I was wondering, do atheists understand that religions are myths that are not supposed to be taken literally word for word? Do they realize when one accepts certain spiritual metaphysical aspects to reality, that does not mean they believe in some supernatural being who lives in the sky watching over and judging mankind.

When someone accepts the idea of god, it means that person has seen their self in the whole. A spiritual person no longer believes in ego, their self and the rest of nature are the same thing. Which is probably why the bible says the most important thing is to love god (the whole of nature) and your fellow man as yourself. This is where the concept of sin comes from. All sin stems from the ego. Sins are certain actions and mind states that impede us from creating a more heavenly existence and reducing suffering for all people and creatures. Basically, the seven deadly sins are at the root of most of the worlds problems. It is our own fear and greed to blame for things like world hunger, the collapse of the eco system, and the mass amounts of violence and weapons in the world.

The point of religion is to express these ideas and concepts using stories and archetypal myths. The problem with religion is that much of the spiritual connection has been lost in our materialistic society and all we are left with is dogma and the insitutions. We have to keep in mind that religion is not meant to be a 100% account of truth that is set in stone. I just do not see what is wrong in bealiving that faith in peace, love, compassion, understanding, and atrusim can lead to a better existence.