somewhat atleast: in the beginning humans had access to all 12-chakras…and 24-DNA templates

Man divided the solar-plexus into two parts: males and female…became he…

god said: go into the darkness dear children…seperate yourself from me, in order that you may search and find the Sun is not whole here, nor there…nor anywhere.

The solar-plexus, was mirrored in female versus male. The Heart-Chakra was deactivated
and no longer served to unify Earth Wind, Water and Fire.

The Native-American prophecy tell us: if you drop the four elements on the ground: not only will the earth die, but surely the Humans will not remember: they are rainbow-Tribe.

Earth spiralled down from 5th dimension Unity to 3rd-dimension…man lost access to the 5 highest chakras,
and became devoid of communication with god via the Rainbow.

and later the Reptialian (serpents) from Orion came in,
Invaded Earth…and create a Matrix-grid over the whole-earth.

Sirians anchored the Dolpins (Male). Pleiadians anchored the cats (female)…

Your thoughts…?