did a ghost touch me in my sleep?

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Jamal Staff asked 7 years ago

You may have heard, and it is now fast becoming a scientific reality, that some ghost has entered into the body of a person. Some would call it a superstition, some would call it an illness, some would call it this or that, but you may have never thought that even if ghosts are there, why do they enter into other human bodies? You may perhaps think that it may be some old enemy who has entered to torture the person. You may think perhaps it is a matter of some revenge, some fruition of karma, of past actions, some settlement of past deeds. No, nothing of that sort.

A ghost is a consciousness whose body has dropped but not the mind. And the mind demands a body, because all desires and passions of the mind can be fulfilled only through a body. Its mind wants to touch some lovely body, but the ghost cannot touch it because it has no hands; its mind wants to taste some delicious dish…. The ghost still has the mind which desires to taste things, but it does not have the tongue. So the problem of a ghost is that it has a mind, but no senses through which to fulfill these desires. The whole complex of desires is intact with the mind, but all the means for their fulfillment are missing.

The whole meaning of a ghost-soul is one who has not yet received a body. There are two types of souls which have difficulty in getting a body. Ordinary persons get a new body easily; one died here and is conceived there, there is no gap. Sometimes there is at the most a gap of a minute, two minutes or five minutes. Normally you died here and are conceived there immediately. But the extreme souls, the most evil souls or the most noble souls, do not find conception easily because they need suitable wombs. If a Hitler dies, it would not be easy for him to find parents, because to give him birth equally evil parents are needed. So for years, sometimes for centuries, they have to wait. The difficulty is similar for a noble soul also.

The noble souls that wander without a body we have called devas, gods; and the evil souls that wander without a body we have called preta, the ghosts.

Whenever there is a moment when a person is so weak that his soul shrinks in his body, some ghost enters in him – neither for harassing him nor for torturing him, but for satisfying its own desires through his body.

If you are weak and without any will, some ghost can push his way inside you, because it does not have a body and its desires are burning. That ghost will touch some woman through your hands, will taste some food through your tongue, will see some beauty through your eyes and will listen to some music through your ears. It is for these reasons that ghosts enter into someone’s body, not to harass the person. You are harassed in the process, but that is a by-product, not the motive of any ghost. But certainly when two souls are residing in the one body, trouble and harassment is bound to be there.

That harassment is like that of a guest coming to one’s house and then staying for good, not even thinking of leaving. Slowly the guest starts beginning to expand his territory in the house and the owner of the house begins to shrink into a corner; and slowly, slowly there comes a time when it is no longer clear as to who is the guest in the house and who is the owner of the house. And the guest? His conceit goes on welling up because the owner serves him, for he is a guest and “a guest is God.” Thus the guest starts falling into the illusion that he is the owner; and one day he asks the actual owner to leave, for it has been too long that he has stayed in his house. A situation of suffering may arise. The mind demands a body immediately after the death, hence the new birth.

The soul is associated with the mind and the mind is associated with the body.

Excerpts from this book


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i was lying in bed about half asleep when i could feel someone was tickling me on my right side and i also felt like my left nipple was being squeezed… since i was half asleep i thought i was just having a stupid dream so i shaked myself off and continued to rest and then i felt an arm move from under me, as if someone had been holding me the whole time. after it moved i felt the figure go behind me and actually started humping me slowly when i screamed to my mum and everything stopped instantly. this is the first time iv ever felt something like this before, i know its not sleep paralysis because i was able to move, but it really was a definite feeling. has this happened to anybody before? please no answers about seeking god and salvation please. just want to know what the chances are of ghosts touching me in my sleep.

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Jamal Staff answered 3 months ago

Ghosts do not exist.

Angels exists, Unclean spirits exist.

If you don’t want to experience that again, then the answer is prayer.

God Bless You.

Lღynn Staff answered 3 months ago

it might be possible, i believe this kind of stuff, but that’s just the kind of person i am. It might be a ghost, maybe someone had died in the house? It’s possible. I hope it stops and this has happened to me bfore!

Simon C Staff answered 3 months ago

Since you were half asleep, it’s possible that you were slipping into the dream phase. This is a common occurrence when people are drifting off but remain conscious.

For example, have you ever been drifting off to sleep but start having a dreamlike experience in which you begin to fall? Most everyone has, and their reaction is always the same. Flailing their arms and legs for a split second before they realize it wasn’t real.

They were fully conscious, but they had slipped into a dreamlike state where they are not aware that what their mind is displaying to them isn’t reality. The physical sensations and the fear are all very real at the time it is occurring.

I would guess that’s what happened to you, what those sensations would have been.As you snapped out of it and called to your mum, that would be the equivalent of the flailing your arms and legs when you think you’re falling. You jolted back to reality with a fear response and then the sensation stopped, because the mind switched out of that beginning dream phase.

jay c Staff answered 3 months ago

something like this happened to me when i was younger. i used to feel a evil presence come in my room and touch me (felt like scratching) my lower back. Felt like sharp talons to be honest rather than hands or fingers. knew it was not a dream because i would wake up and this would happen. i could not move or talk. what does this mean 🙁

Melodie Staff answered 3 months ago

To the person who made the question the answer is YES its is very possible I believe that this kind of ghost are people that we knew in a past life so they remember us.

To Jay C what you experiense its caused by your brain it has happened to me since I was very young and in the last year it happened VERY often to the point that I asked it to a doctor so he explained that it happenes because of the brain when a substance is missing in the brain you can be depressed and this is a symptom.

Cicie Staff answered 3 months ago

Similar things happen to me. Strangely, if I do not lay spread out in my bed, something will start tickling me or poking me on my arm. If I lay down at one side of my bed, or curl up in a ball, it feels as if something is tickling my leg or poking my leg, and I feel a very dark presence. I do not slip in to any dream state, I am never half asleep. I just have to lay there. Someone help me please. I can’t find help at a church because I’m only 12 and my mom will probably think it’s my childish imagination but it’s not. I’ve never told anyone this but my BFF, and I’ve posted it on a true ghost stories website. Is my bed haunted? My room haunted? I always sleep with scissors under my pillow in case of emergencies. Someone help.

Cicie Staff answered 3 months ago

Similar things happen to me. It’s really scary. Strangely, if I do not lay spread out in my bed, something will start tickling me or poking me on my arm. If I lay down at one side of my bed, or curl up in a ball, it feels as if something is tickling my leg or poking my leg, and I feel a very dark presence. I do not slip in to any dream state, I am never half asleep. I just have to lay there. Someone help me please. I can’t find help at a church because I’m only 12 and my mom will probably think it’s my childish imagination but it’s not. I’ve never told anyone this but my BFF, and I’ve posted it on a true ghost stories website. Is my bed haunted? My room haunted? I always sleep with scissors under my pillow in case of emergencies. Someone help.

tara Staff answered 3 months ago

I moved in with my b.f. for a year, more than once i havefelt something touch me iam in such fear i nevergo back 2 sleep an stay up from like 2am on, oncei was held down another time i was touched. Writing about it now cus last night was the scariest, the dog kept barking after my b.f. got him to stop i had this uneasy feelin that we werent alone tried to shake it off, finally feel asleep not sure if it was a dream but felt so real, someone was rocking me back and forth and then was caresing my chest, i jumped up looked around an thinking it was my b.f. it wasnt he was facing the entire different way…someone plz explain?

adrian Staff answered 3 months ago

jamal. you are so wrong. ghosts also known as spirits, do exist. they are all around us. just as when in their physical bodies, they can be good or bad, depending on their personality.

and to suggest that all spirits that exist are unclean is racist. and dangerous. what about the innocent souls out there?

many are trapped here, and others choose to return, still others simoly prefer to remain. all have their own reasons.. not all are bad, or unclean as you put it.

by making your commentbyou have invited all kinds of mischief and pure evil into your life.

your faith may or may not protect you. for it to work against spirit you need for that spirit to be one who believes and respects the words of your religion.. or one who gets bored easily.

mark my words, there will be trouble ahead. you own spirit may even play along, to teach you a lessonnyou need to learn.

Kyva Sanchez Staff answered 3 months ago

This same thing has happened to me, it was so real i thought it could even be my brother. but i knew it wasn’t. The first time it happened it felt like someone was ontop of me full on humping me, the second time it felt like someone was lying next to me and then was pinching my right nipple, and the last time it happened it felt like someone was snuggling up against me and then whispered in my ear. i can’t fully explain whats going on but its the craziest scariest thing and i always wake up crying. I hate it. does anyone know how it can be stopped?

Kyva Sanchez Staff answered 3 months ago

that would be sleep paralysis,

Preffer not to Say Staff answered 3 months ago

Happened to me 3 times in 3 different apartments I’ve lived.

Sometimes it happeneds at night sometimes during the day. I’m always paralized, can’t move…can’t scream….I can only hear my own voice in my head. 1st time it happened it was 4 years ago -3am. Saw black shapeless something hanging in the corner of my cieling. Then my left hand started to be pulled up,pulling the top half of my body -up to waist -with it. I started to pray so so badly, as It didn’t wanted to let go. I continue to pray to God, and I either wake up/or ghost/demon did let me go.

Today about an hour ago I took a nap as I couldn’t sleep last night. I was fully dressed when lying on my bed( I wasn’t covered with duvet). Then I remember being paralized and I couldn’t talk again. I remember saying OH not again….This time there was no black shaddow but see through energy..like you see the air when you go on hoildays to a hot country. I has trying to wake up-if I was asleep, or just trying to get rid of this this holding me. This is the first time I her it making a sound, noise, which I can’t really describe, sound that that someone anoyer with something would make. Then I started to feel a preasure on my crouch(jeans)..and left nipple squized….I got so scared, i though I’m gonna die…..I was trying to move without moving, trying to wake up, and suddenly I did……I don’t know what a hell is happening to me I’m in my early 30’s and I have never experienced anything like it when I was younger….

Neji Hyuuga Staff answered 3 months ago

It’s happend to me also not exactly that though, it was evilish it was like it was punishing me it hit, scratched, and yelled in my ear i was deaf for a second but no one else seemed to hear it, WAS WIERD STUFF

soni Staff answered 3 months ago

this happened to me 2 days ago, I felt like someone was tapping my gown pocket, i opened my eyes n saw someone in a long coat and a woolen hat, no face, I told him I have no money so get out, I jumped up and i realised i hadnt locked the door, I locked my door. i think it was a friendly ghost

about 4 yes ago I dreamt I was outside my house and I was fighting a cat and it scratched me on my head pulling me down from the back of my head. I gained strength n hit it so hard that it died. when i got up in the morning i went to have brake fast in the same place i was dreaming fighting the cat in the garden, I was feeling so tired and when I looked down I saw the same cat that I was fighting n killed dead in the same place. my face was scratched in real life. what is this?

I have had a mother incident where a very black figure was truing to touch me in my dream I was so scared and I told him to go away, hr told me he will be back. he looked like a very black shreak.


David Erb Staff answered 3 months ago

I’m 57 and have never believed in ghosts. I always found it ridiculous when people would talk about encounters. That is until last week. My wife and I were at the Bundusan hotel in Penampang Malaysia. I was woken from my nap by my wife squeezing my bicep so hard that it hurt. Something she’s never done before. I was about to tell her to stop when I heard her on the other side of the room packing things in her suitcase. I somehow immediately knew that it was a ghost. I said get the f away from me,but not out loud, just in my mind, it was like I couldn’t speak, and the ghost let go and immediately I felt it “attack” my chest and stomach. It was almost like the muscles in stomach and chest were having spasms. Again I silently said “Get the F off me in the name of God.” And it stopped. I then said, out loud, “honey I think there’s a ghost in our room”. My wife was very interested and wanted details. She then told me that she couldn’t sleep the night before because she felt “something was staring at her”. But she didn’t tell me because she knew I’d say she’s crazy. So…Perhaps there really are ghosts?

David Erb Staff answered 3 months ago

I might add that though I knew (at the time) that it was a ghost I was not afraid of it. I new that I was stronger.

Mike Scadden Staff answered 3 months ago

I was awaken by something shaking both my feet and holding both my biceps I could actually feel the fingers tightening both feet and arms I woke up completely and soon after I could move both before this is had never believed in ghosts or whatever you call it now don’t know what to think

sachin Staff answered 3 months ago

Pls let me know

Melissa Staff answered 3 months ago

I had a similar experience the other night. Something was running its hands on my pillow next to me and then layed up against me. I thought it was my boyfriend so I told him to scoot over t was pushing against me. It was trying to get my legs back on the bed. I really thought it was my bf so again I was like “Kevin fricken move over u r pushing me of the bed” Then it was off me anda dark shadow of a person standing across the room . I thought it had my daughters light up toy and I seen the lights of the toy. I still thoyght it was my bf and said ” Kevin shut the damn toy off” then I felt something touchy my foot. It was like it ran a finger down my foot.I knew then it was something else. I jumped up the figure was gone and I seen my daughters toy on the other side of the room. It coulddnt have been in the corner where the figure was. I got scared as hell I ran out to the living room where my bf was and asked him if he was in the bedroom. He acted as if I was crazy. I was terrified and still feel so creaped out over the whole thing. I have always felt spirits u know that feeling u r not alone and its almost like your fight or flight instinct kicks in. I have always felt I was more sensitive to spirits than some people . But this experience is way different. Does anyone know if I should be afraid of this. I dont know if this will happen again. I know s was real and not a dream. I cant op thinking about it. Anyone have advice for this stuff????

haha haha Staff answered 3 months ago

When you are half asleep, you have possibly slipped into your dreams. Your brains mix the reality and dreams up.

Ghosts only exist when you believe so.

Luke Bailey Staff answered 3 months ago

I know I am a couple years off but I think you are telling the truth cause about half an hour ago (it’s 4:30am) I woke up feeling like someone was tickling me on my rib cage but I found out my right arm was the culprit but I couldn’t feel it as it was numb but when I could again it felt like someone was holding it which terrified the hell out of me. Right now my middle right hand finger is sprained and it randomly flinches which hurts like hell so it might be that, that woke me up or a ghost or my imagination.

Jennifer Staff answered 3 months ago

Something was fondling me in my sleep, yet I felt like I couldn’t move..I got mad and said whatever you are get the f*** on and it did.

Prashant Staff answered 3 months ago

To all the troubled people here .may god bless you…i have some tips for you..this is happening tp you bez you have a weak aura..
1) stop using electronic gadgets..its radiations weakens your aura beyond repair.
2)sleep early rise early..it strenthens your aura.
3)fast..be religious..
4) learn how to use rock salt in your fight.
6)do not be afraid..its your house and you have nowhere else to go..it feeds on your fear..
7)forgive all those you have cursed..
8)do not worry or be resentful..or have any malise about anyone or anything..
9)be positive..when you BELIVE..that god
WILL help you..the help will come..

And when you pray..pray for me too..iam fighting it too. Its like a disease..it bothers you only when you are weak..tc

Tony Staff answered 3 months ago

I’ve just got woken up by someone or something touching me in the lower parts of my body and I don’t know who it is but it’s certainly scared me as I’m led on a single bed and think it was used for misconduct behaviour towards a young girl. I’ve had the bed for a few months now and it’s the first time this woken me up. I felt sick being touched by someone who is not in my room and a very evil presence woke me up. I was led on my side and my left arm was held down as this person or thing started to touch me. In my dream I saw my Brother in Laws face, my Sister and whoever touched me, it freaked me out because none of them are near me where I live. This dream or nightmare certainly woke me up and I’m terrified of sleeping now because whatever it was, scared me enough to keep me awake . It wasn’t not knowing who touched me, it was where I was touched that scared me and I’m a single man scared to sleep. Whoever slept in this bed before I bought it, must have been molested because I felt sick afterwards when I was touched by something or someone who had done it to the last owner of my bed. It was evil being woken up by someone touching me.

Krinzz Staff answered 3 months ago

Please message me…. [email protected]. this has been happening to me a lot. I don’t want to post my specific experiences in public but I really want to talk with people who have had this exact type of thing happen. I’m really freaked out.

Tabby Staff answered 3 months ago

Last night, I have two teenage girls who still live at home. They asked to walk there other friend home it was late so I commented hurry, now I work alot so I fall asleep easy and as I am falling asleep without noticing the time going by I feel as if I am being tickled so I will awake, this happens several times until I am fully awake to notice that my kids had not returned at 10:45 at night. I immediately take off running out the door and thankfully found them but I think that something was trying to wake me. I think it’s a warning from something or someone. What could have happened if I didn’t awake at the time. Maybe it was telling I had to find them right then.

Brian Staff answered 3 months ago

Im a 42 year old man. I was laying in bed at my old house and felt something tickling my feet. Woke up completely and felt my right foot being tickled. Pulled my feet up with a frightened feeling. I dont believe in ghost. I moved. Alone in the house i heard a child voice say there he is in the hallway. I ran out. Im not schizophrenic but it really scared me at the time and I thought maybe something was wrong with me. It’s never happened since. God bless you all that experience supernatural or unnatural.

jae Staff answered 3 months ago

Mm I wonder what’s wrong with seeking God cause he can always help just call on him and stop being so close minded

Kk Staff answered 3 months ago

One more time i Just woke up after feeling the same. What is it? Does anyone has the answer?

Ernie Staff answered 3 months ago

The same thing happened to me last night idk if I was trpping or wat

Michael Staff answered 3 months ago

Dude I just had a nap, felt like someone was on my back and hand rubbing my balls. I could only open my eyes slightly. I knew I wasn’t dreaming anymore. Then I shook myself out of the paralysis state

Elizabeth Staff answered 3 months ago

That’s not being close minded.

Lyly anna Staff answered 3 months ago

I had same sensations , I was half asleep , I still could open my eyes when he held me behind and kissingy neck I was so scared that I forced myself to wake up , o thought it was a dream at first but as as I closed my eyes I felt the same thing trying to hold me so right , I openes my eyes again and washed my face , a couple days after I had the same sensation but that time I wasn’t scared at all I let him or whatever itis , touch me and I can’t deny that I loved that sensation , yesterday was the 3rd time and I felt happy to feel it next me I wanted it to stay , and now , it became something normal for me.

Sveta nadezdha Staff answered 3 months ago

I just woke up now.and search this sp. And for me like someone is touching me or holding me in my armpit and it makes me weak and little finger tips trace my side boob to make effect.and it freaks me out.and its not just someone but someone that i know like my sistr or brother.

Stefaniya Staff answered 3 months ago


Stefaniya Staff answered 3 months ago

This si happening ti me almost 1 year now and it’s really freaking me out, I thought I was going insane

Ken Staff answered 3 months ago

What you need to do is call out loud.” In the name of JESUS Christ, under his blood I’m protected.” These things can only make you hurt yourself. I’m a Christian, but still get attacked. Tell the spirit. ” I’m not afraid of you, in the name of JESUS. Most important do not be afraid. Spirits know. I’ve even had spirits spit on me. Oh yes, SPIT. But I’m not scared. Just mad because I am being awakened. After I’m awake I still feel it holding my ankles. Remember. JESUS loves you. Just try not being afraid. And call on His Holy Name. God Bless You Child. Your brother in Christ. Ken.

Kurtis Staff answered 3 months ago

Wow, that is so true. When you are at a weak point it can get your attention, because you are easily fearful and it senses your weakness.

I’ve had something coming to my bed at night for years now. And it doesn’t matter where I am. I can feel the pressure when it touches and rubs my legs (sometimes my bed shakes) and the electro static when it is touching other areas.

It’s a very weird experience and very unnerving.

Adolf Staff answered 3 months ago

‘@Jamal, I hate these PROGRAMMED/CANNED answers. What do you really know that you have not been told? This happens to deeply religious people so get off with your holier than thou attitude.

Adrienne T Marshall Staff answered 3 months ago

Right could not have said it better God the only one who can help.DUH

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