You may have heard, and it is now fast becoming a scientific reality, that some ghost has entered into the body of a person. Some would call it a superstition, some would call it an illness, some would call it this or that, but you may have never thought that even if ghosts are there, why do they enter into other human bodies? You may perhaps think that it may be some old enemy who has entered to torture the person. You may think perhaps it is a matter of some revenge, some fruition of karma, of past actions, some settlement of past deeds. No, nothing of that sort.

A ghost is a consciousness whose body has dropped but not the mind. And the mind demands a body, because all desires and passions of the mind can be fulfilled only through a body. Its mind wants to touch some lovely body, but the ghost cannot touch it because it has no hands; its mind wants to taste some delicious dish…. The ghost still has the mind which desires to taste things, but it does not have the tongue. So the problem of a ghost is that it has a mind, but no senses through which to fulfill these desires. The whole complex of desires is intact with the mind, but all the means for their fulfillment are missing.

The whole meaning of a ghost-soul is one who has not yet received a body. There are two types of souls which have difficulty in getting a body. Ordinary persons get a new body easily; one died here and is conceived there, there is no gap. Sometimes there is at the most a gap of a minute, two minutes or five minutes. Normally you died here and are conceived there immediately. But the extreme souls, the most evil souls or the most noble souls, do not find conception easily because they need suitable wombs. If a Hitler dies, it would not be easy for him to find parents, because to give him birth equally evil parents are needed. So for years, sometimes for centuries, they have to wait. The difficulty is similar for a noble soul also.

The noble souls that wander without a body we have called devas, gods; and the evil souls that wander without a body we have called preta, the ghosts.

Whenever there is a moment when a person is so weak that his soul shrinks in his body, some ghost enters in him – neither for harassing him nor for torturing him, but for satisfying its own desires through his body.

If you are weak and without any will, some ghost can push his way inside you, because it does not have a body and its desires are burning. That ghost will touch some woman through your hands, will taste some food through your tongue, will see some beauty through your eyes and will listen to some music through your ears. It is for these reasons that ghosts enter into someone’s body, not to harass the person. You are harassed in the process, but that is a by-product, not the motive of any ghost. But certainly when two souls are residing in the one body, trouble and harassment is bound to be there.

That harassment is like that of a guest coming to one’s house and then staying for good, not even thinking of leaving. Slowly the guest starts beginning to expand his territory in the house and the owner of the house begins to shrink into a corner; and slowly, slowly there comes a time when it is no longer clear as to who is the guest in the house and who is the owner of the house. And the guest? His conceit goes on welling up because the owner serves him, for he is a guest and “a guest is God.” Thus the guest starts falling into the illusion that he is the owner; and one day he asks the actual owner to leave, for it has been too long that he has stayed in his house. A situation of suffering may arise. The mind demands a body immediately after the death, hence the new birth.

The soul is associated with the mind and the mind is associated with the body.

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i was lying in bed about half asleep when i could feel someone was tickling me on my right side and i also felt like my left nipple was being squeezed… since i was half asleep i thought i was just having a stupid dream so i shaked myself off and continued to rest and then i felt an arm move from under me, as if someone had been holding me the whole time. after it moved i felt the figure go behind me and actually started humping me slowly when i screamed to my mum and everything stopped instantly. this is the first time iv ever felt something like this before, i know its not sleep paralysis because i was able to move, but it really was a definite feeling. has this happened to anybody before? please no answers about seeking god and salvation please. just want to know what the chances are of ghosts touching me in my sleep.