Couple of questions about the martial arts traditional horse stance ?


1) Does the horse stance make your legs mire powerful. When I say this, I mean like a sprinters leg fast and powerful and big. Or does it provide your leg with more endurance ? I am just abit confused with those two. I thought that big strong legs = fast legs. And Skinny toned legs = marathon legs. But from my experience of doing the horse stance, my legs are getting bigger and stronger which I am very happy of. But some people often say that doing the horse stance gets your legs more endurance. And having endurance means having small legs and the horse stance makes your legs bigger so how can it give you endurance ? Is it just endurance by means of being able to sit in that position without for long periods without getting tired or does it also count for running distances and kicking for a long time.

2) Any visualization techniques that I can do to keep me relaxed when I do it. I researched some the chi kung techniques. But which one can I do while I am doing the horse stance to gain extra benefit and take my mind off pain. Considering I’ve only done this stance for 2 months now and can stay on it for 5-10 Min’s.

3) How can I increase m pain tolerance. This question is relatively same as the above one. Just give me a good visualization technique with breathing. I want a chinese qigong one to do.

So thanks in advanced.
Just so you know why I want the information. It is because first of all, I am a soccer player. And has to be very careful on the muscle that I effect. I play in a winter league season. So stamina and power is neccessary in a 90 minute football match. And secondly, I also do abit of judo. And the horse stance is mean’t to develope balance. And my friend who does kung fu told me that. And in my judo class, we don’t do horse stance. Well I cannot judge every school of judo. But in our school, we do not do it. As I told my instructor about it and he told me he does not teach this stuff. And I know that it helps develope balance. And balance is key to judo. So I was just wishing to learn the techniques on my own slowly and gradually without making any stupid mistake.


The horse stance is not about being strong per se, it is about the capacity to do the horse stance. You can be a serious runner or biker with very strong legs, and still be unable to hold it as long and correctly as a “weaker” person.

Step 1, is just to be able to do it. Don’t insist on step 2 (doing it while relaxed) until you are comfortable with step 1.

It is the same deal with pain tolerance, getting hit alot will increase your tolerance to getting hit. Special breathing and qigong exercises are not necessary. Excessive pain tolerance can actually be a bad thing, BTW.

P.S. If someone somewhere thinks that the horse stance will improve their balance, it does not follow, that your doing what you consider to be an identical stance will improve your balance. Probably not. More likely it will increase your strength to compensate for poor balance.

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