This is serious people, and I need some serious help. Ok last night I did not have a nightmare,it was a nice dream if you would say. So this morning I was waking up, and I saw a pair of legs standing next to me bed*please note that it was bright in my room*At first I thought it was my mom looking at me while I sleep. So then I close my eyes and opened them back up. When I did the shadow was gone. And i couldn’t move or talk.(it may sound like sleep paralysis its not)I was trying to scream for my dad because hes an expert in this types of things.So finally I got a hold of myself and ran to the livingroom.Then soon after I told my dad because he knows about spirits and such, I went to got brush my teeth and then I saw to scratches on my chest. Not bed marks but real scratches like a dog scratch over night. I don’t have a dog either. So please answer if you know whats happening. Thank you
*EDIT* I was wearing a T-Shirt, so how could I scratch myself. And yes ghost do exist. Well I was scared for my life. if this happens again im going straight to the doctor.But nobody could explain to about the black shadow. it wa freaking daylight in my room and I saw a black shadow.