I remerber two days ago, i started to realize God is real because of the videos i watched on youtube. i felt a presence near me. So i started crying because i could see images of jesus dying on the cross for me. I asked for forgiveness because i felt like i have failed God and doubted him so much.

And after that, my heart started hurting so much. the next day, i started to get rashes on the left side of my chest, and also the back near my heart. My breast has been hurting a bit too.

Is this spiritual awakening? or is it a test from God??!

This cant be a disease right? because it really did started after i knet down and pray to God for forgiveness. I also know this is not a punishment because although i have doubted God, and I did bad thigns to some people, but i have also done many good things to other people. So what do you think?