by Maggie W.:

I recently met a lady in a sports bar who i was chatting with while my husband and his friend played a game of pool. She was talking about how she was a nurse and that she could heal people through laying on of hands. Then she took my hand and said that she felt great energies coming from me. My husband inadvertently told her I was a witch and she took both of my hands and smiled. She left sometime later.
I have felt a bit less than my usual energetic self as of late. But then I do occasionally have bouts of lethargy.

Answer by [Benitaloks]
of course they can, they are people just like us.
i have met many of them, have been told that i could be consider one… tho i choose not to take people energy’s. i rather, help them by taking there negative energy.

your energy shell replenish with time.
depending on the amount she took, and what kind.
due to me not knowing to much about who or what she was i can’t be to sure what she did…
i am pretty sure you are on the right track. meditate and gather energies from around you, call for your elemental energies natural energy.. this should help you feel better for the most part. I’ll go head and look through somethings for you and get back to you with a more effective way of gaining what you lost back. i am positive that she took something but not sure how much or what… due to the fact she said she healed people by touch… i will get back to you soon.


well looking through all my information,
best way to recover from this is lots of rest. nutrition.


use visualation of energies coming from around you, coming into you, make sure you and seeing good energies.

while doing this light a peach candle for restoration and rejuvenation this should also help consatration.

this should help you recover with-in 2-3 days..
normally 7 days to recover fully…
if there is anything eles i can help you with..
feel free to ask or contact me…

Blessed Be,
shell your recovery be immediate