Christians of the world, why celebrate christmas when it's a pagan practice?


Everything about it is pagan. So why kid yourselves and act as if its an okay thing? Well that’s all I wanted to know.

And just because something’s a tradition doesn’t mean its an ok thing. So its best to research what you’re getting yourselves involved in.

Shinigami (FAC) but Alohim (God) did discriminate against non believers and pagans. The bible is more than just john 3:16 you know. He disproved of the pagan practices and the apostles spoke against pagan corruption in the early churches. How about studying the bible and not just skimming thru it. You just might REALLY GET A REVELATIONAL INSIGHT.


The event of the Lord’s birth is much more important than the date!

It is more probable that He was born on the first day of Feast of the Tabernacles and Dec. 25th of the previous year was the conception.

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