I am a Christian, but I am starting to discover that there really is something to the idea of usuing crystals for healing. I have bought only a couple of these crystals so far, but they have done everything they claim to do. I know a lot of people consider it to be something that witches and Wiccans do, but I just don’t believe I am the only Christian who has discovered the uses of crystals. What are your thoughts? And if you give some rude stupid answer I will hit the pretty little report button. You have been warned.
My view is that God created the plants that we get some of our medications from. Plants have healing properties. Why not crystals. God created nature. He put himself into in just as he put himself into each of us. I am not using them for divination. I don’t want to know my future. I am talking about things like placing amethyst under your pillow at night because amethyst is supposed to calm you and help you have pleasant dreams. What is the difference between that and a dreamcatcher? I know lots of Christians who have those.
Sleep paralysis is caused when your conscious mind wakes up before the part of your brain that controls the movement of the body. I did a project on that like 2 years ago for psychology. Its not caused by a demon. Lol. Scary, yes, but not a demon.
Can anyone give me Bible verses that DEFINE witchcraft?