Always been very attuned to observing my consciousness. Started meditating a few weeks ago (have been doing general waking awareness exercises for awhile).

My very first meditating session I stayed in meditation for over an hour. The lower chakras i could not feel or access in any way.

There was great calm from the slowing and dis-identification with thought. Also experienced intense energies and the ability to become aware of my third eye and crown chakras right off the bat. by the end of the session there were dazzling white lights dancing in in the dark field of my consciousness with my physical eyes closed and strong feelings of external pressure, vibration and tingling in between the eyes when I was aware of my third eye chakra, and intense tingling and pressure on my crown coupled with a shifting of the dazzling lights upwards and towards my crown in my field of consciousness.

Over the last few weeks I have unlocked all my chakras, the root chakra being the hardest for me to unlock. Have experienced various, various meditative states so far, and various intense effects on my normal waking consciousness.

Have always been a dreamer not grounded in physical reality – this was also evident from the fact that I could not even get close to feeling the energies of any chakras lower than the throat initially. When I unlocked the lower chakras, I suddenly became alot more grounded, and a very intense sense of will and energy to live vibrantly entered my life.

Various other experiences during meditation include intense awareness of prana instead of breath, intense INTENSE radiating energies from my root chakra through my crown chakra during chakra meditation after unlocking all chakras in succession, ‘falling’ relaxation of body and complete un-resistance of mind, awareness directed at physical body that would slowly start “fusing” body parts together such that my hands stopped being seperate but felt like a new, seemless, single entity in my lap, same with legs, and eventually almost all my body with only the physical sensation in my head, various experiences of intense compassion for the self and the world, various glimpses of satori, and two experiences of complete white lights flooding my body and consciousness from the crown and throwing me into intense bliss.

A setback ive been having, and it is to be expected with intense spiritual ‘addiction’, is the waning ability to get deep into meditation due to wanting it too much and expecting experiences to recreate themselves – which of course allows for nothing to occur as expectation and wanting too much and ‘seeking’ are completely the opposite of letting-be, which is what meditative states are about. So I would drop the meditation for a day or two at a time to ease out the intense spiritual insatiability.

But every time I drop the meditation for even a day, my lower chakras and especially my root chakra just close up again. Leaving me feeling really messed up, thrown off balance again into my old space with little grounding in physical reality, and heavy activity remaining in my upper chakras. Even while not meditating, there is the experience of flashes of white light and general glowing/light flashing lightness when the eyes are closed or in darkness.

I seem to keep returning to a state of highly unbalanced overactivity in my crown/third eye chakras, with the complete blocking of my lower chakras and especially the root chakra.

Any ideas on why my lower chakras seem to keep closing and how to go about working with this from here on forth?
Thanks for the response. Ive read about this technique. Cold as hell out here in chicago so I haven’t gone out barefoot and tried this yet, but ill do it.

Also been looking at gemstones..various root chakra stones might help.

Any idea why it keeps locking up on its own this quickly though? I would think its due to some issue/ emotional blockage from the past that I am not currently aware of that keeps locking this chakra when it is not worked upon on a daily basis
To the second poster: haha, fancy that! Ive actually done a chakra cleansing course and talked with Nithyanand about 5 years ago when he wasnt as popular. Hes awesome!

To the last poster, read the full post before answering, you did not answer any of my questions, only what you thought my questions were from apparently reading just the first para or two

One hour is a bit long? Theres no such thing as bit long when it comes to spirituality. Meditation as a “tool” for peace and operating better in the material world is a bastardized modern, western rendition of meditation.

Meditation is the highest and most important act and state in itself, it is not a tool. The longer the meditation, the BETTER, not the worse

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