Can Zen meditation heals my pathological laziness?

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I know it is a sin for a Buddhist to be lazy. I have been lazy all my life since I was a teen. I am intellectually fine but I rarely open a book at school because I was lazy. Now I want to change my life(at 48) and become a web developer but I am still being lazy and won;’t study on a regular bases. I started Zen meditation. Will Zen Buddhism help me fight this pathological laziness? Thanks for your time.
For Reba , I did not start Zen Meditation to stop being lazy 🙂 I was just asking if overall it could help me .


There is no sin in Buddhism. Laziness does not exist, it’s real meaning is – ‘You are not doing what I want you to’. The use of Zen meditation will help you though. It will get peace.

What will help you to become a web developer is the use of motivation. What is called laziness is just a lack of motivation. Discover what motivates you and you will change.

Good motivators:
1 – what will you gain when you have successfully achieved your goal?
Visualise it – make yourself feel you are there. Do this every day.

2 – break down your path to the goal into small manageable bits
Then tick off each as you achieve.

3 – make out a list of rewards
every time you achieve a step towards – reward.

If you are still not achieving then ask:
1 – Am I depressed?
A lot of ‘laziness is actually depression. Get it resolved then set off on you path.

2 – Am I just to satisfied with where I am?
Often, if things are just too cosy or you have most of what you want or things just do not press on you, then there is no motivation.

Good work – I hope this has been useful.

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