Can Zen meditation heals my pathological laziness?

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I know it is a sin for a Buddhist to be lazy. I have been lazy all my life since I was a teen. I am intellectually fine but I rarely open a book at school because I was lazy. Now I want to change my life(at 48) and become a web developer but I am still being lazy and won;’t study on a regular bases. I started Zen meditation. Will Zen Buddhism help me fight this pathological laziness? Thanks for your time.
For Reba , I did not start Zen Meditation to stop being lazy 🙂 I was just asking if overall it could help me .


Yes and no.

One does not take up Zen meditation with a purpose in mind. This contradicts the spirit of Zen. Zen is about learning emptiness. But insofar as your laziness is created by inner conflicts these may eventually quiet down and allow for a clearer practise of intent. It takes a lot of patience – change does not happen overnight, but meditation is certainly benificial.

I guess what I’m saying is keep an open mind and don’t try to pre-judge what the results should be.

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