Ok, since beginning my spiritual journey, I have a hard time focusing on superficial things like money, clothes etc., things that can only satisfy my ego, not me. My partner is very stable financially and for some reason feels that my carefree attitude towards money may become a problem. I dont worry about money because I feel that all my needs will be provided, its not that I dont care about my financial stability. But my partner and my sis seem to think that because I dont have a hunger for money or because I dont chase it, that I somehow will neglect my personal responsibilities.

I think that I’m having a problem meeting my worldy needs without somehow feeling guilty about it. For some reason I feel to make money a focus is knocking me off of my spiritual path. I think I dont know how to serve other ppl without disregarding myself and my needs. And as of late I’ve been really worried about what others think of me…and I find that I was much better off when I didnt care what other ppl thought…but again, I dont thnk I’ve found that balance.
Any help??