So first of all on the drive into work, at the first STOP sign I get to, a very sweet and petite blonde crossed directly in front of my car. Hail Eris!

Then as I was passing through the intersection that serves as a Northern gate into the downtown section of our small and magickal city, off to my right I caught a lovely vision of a lithe and oh, so milfy yoga practitioner on Her way to class. Incidentally, the studio she was headed to is one that I know for a fact helps people develop strong Kundalini energy. Hail Eris!

And finally, as I drove the last half block towards the intersection that marks the Southern exist, I had the perfect opportunity to discreetly, yet studiously, admire a powerfully equipped with hips brunette office Goddess wearing an extremely stylish pair of sunglasses and equally stylish platform sandals. Hail Eris!

The real question is: Why, oh, why is Eris so benevolent and kind to me, a mere wretch who grasps at the hem of her robe?