I’ve asked this question three times now and the YAHOOGODS have decided I’m NOT WORTHY (whatever).

My Mom’s best friend WAS performing a ritual in our front yard (which I was TRYING to explain earlier but the YAHOOGODS found my question UNWORTHY) and I was torn by it.

I won’t go into what she was doing because the YAHOOGODS won’t let me tell you.

Anyway, she (a witch) was doing something (I’m not allowed to say) in our front yard (I live with my Mom who’s a Christian and I’m an atheist) and I was considering joining her.

Oh sh!t. I don’t even remember what my question was now.
Sooo…. I’ve had the hots for her forever and she was performing this ritual skyclad (check wik on that) in our front yard (quite secluded) and I wanted to join her even though I’m not Wiccan.

Crap. I forgot my question again. No more beer for me tonight.
Oh, right. Would joining her be bad?