I am quite an open-minded person and have been looking into meditation and the cosmos over the last few months. Recently I have become fascinated with astral projection. I have read about some experiences and have been trying every time I go to bed, but failing terribly! I understand that its not something I will grasp right away but I’m probably going wrong somewhere. Could anyone give me some help or advice please?
Thanks to everyone trying to help, it’s going to be hard to pick the best answer as they have all been useful to me.

The Canadian Atheist, clearly the answer I am not looking for is ‘it’s all lies’. I found your answer a little confusing as I fail to see how you can say or justify the are lies and I also fail to see what you are trying to achieve by posting it here, it would fit in a question like ‘OBEs; what’s your opinion?’. I am looking for help in achieving Astral Projection not help in dismissing or debating it.
You can’t justify something by simply calling it a lie, your mind set appears to be no different Christians who claim dinosaurs are a lie.
Please don’t take this offensively, you answer may be valid elsewhere, just not here.

If you give a closed-minded answer in an open-minded question, you’re going to get negative responses.