Can you get sick from Crystal Healing?


Ok, so. I’ve been reading a lot about crystal healing. And I decided to start with a Quartz Crystal. Right? No problem, it seemed to be the safest. So I went out to a nearby store that sells all kinds of Pagan Supplies and such. And of course, Crystals. I was looking at these, and the lady there came up and asked if there was something I was looking for. She suggested this necklace, with a piece of Clear Quartz as the charm..

I was instantly drawn to it. And I’ve always believed that if your really drawn to something, it means something. And I bought it. I took it home. THEN, Me and My boyfriend got in a big fight, but we resolved it quite peacfully, which made me feel really good. I went to bed, with the crystal. And Woke up Sick. REALLY sick.

The things I’ve narrowed it down to are:
(I don’t want to accuse but) the jewelry had something negitive about it
The fight was too overwelming for me
The crystal’s trying to get toxins out of my body
Or I’m just sick.

I just feel like everything is connected to the crystal. Has anyone else gotten sick while first starting crystal healing?
PS. I do believe in Crystal Healing. 🙂 AND I’m Pagan, so don’t wine to me about your disbelief. I’m looking for experienced answers only. Thanks


I’m a very healthy person and spiritual too. Said my prayers and went to sleep while holding a rose quartz crystal. Around 2 am, I felt strong cramping in my lower belly. The kind is get before my menses but it wasn’t the time of the month yet. I went and sat on the toilet and all hell broke loose as I clutched my knees. I prayed to God as I released, pleading to feel better and I won’t put my faith in some piece of rock ever again. At the same time, I threw up. Spent the next 20 minutes disinfecting my bathroom, praying, threw the crystals in the trash.
I’m good, I’ll stick to the word and prayer. It is my belief that God is the ultimate healer and provider. The devil tried to trick me to follow the crystal occult. I rebuke him in the name of Jesus, my savior!
To each their own, I’m rolling with Jesus for the rest of my life, and the Word as my daily bread.

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