Can I use Sudocrem on a tattoo to help healing?

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eliminate dressing after approximately an hour in a easy environment.

Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water and pat dry with a smooth towel.

observe a thin layer of Bepanthen cream with smooth hands and wrap with hold film, repeat this 2 to 3 instances each day for two to a few days.

After this time simply practice the cream but forestall wrapping it with grasp movie, do that for any other 1 to two

weeks or until it has healed, relying on the size of your tattoo.

DO no longer let your tattoo get contaminated with grease, dirt or paint and so forth.

DO now not divulge your new tattoo to the sun or go in swimming swimming pools or use sun beds for as much as four weeks.

DO now not soak your tattoo in water for a prolonged time period (e.g. baths) for the primary week. Showers are first-rate.

DO not choose or scratch your new tattoo whilst it’s far restoration as this will pull the color out of it.

DO not use Vaseline or Sudocrem in preference to Bepanthen as those creams draw the ink out of the tattoo.


Don’t use Bepanthen on your tattoos either, they reformulated it and now it’s only as good as Sudocrem, it has petroleum and more lanolin in its formulation now. It’s best to just stick to something like Tattoo Goo at this point.
Bepanthen ruined my newest tattoo’s healing process because of its new formula.
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

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