Can anyone prefect his life in Krishna Consciousness without having a formal initiation ?


When there is so much of misunderstanding among the God brothers and God sisters. For position and power they run into each other. Did Lord Chaitnaya emphasised on taking initiation ?


Mahaprabhu himself took initiation to spread the Sankirtan movement but I am not sure if he made initiation as mandatory. Guru is of course very important in our life as we find in all scriptures.

‘Guru Krishna Kripaya Pai Bhakti Lata Beej’

Now if someone is already in the platform of Bhakti and following 4 regulative principles as outlined by HDG Sirla Prabhupada, where is the position of another Guru as he is already accepted Prabhupada as the enlightened Guru. I am not quit clear in this. Prabhuji/Matajis please help me out to answer this question.

Please excuse me for my ignorance on this matter.

— Hari Bol

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